Zombie Massacre Live

LP12 Double Vinil

Available from 11/05/2018

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HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present MORTICIAN's "Zombie Massacre Live" on double-LP vinyl. 
HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present MORTICIAN's "Zombie Massacre Live" on double-LP vinyl. 
Comprising a staggering 37 tracks in 66 gore-soaked minutes, "Zombie Massacre Live" captures these legendary death metallers on the live front in the early 2000s, spanning shows in the US as well as Europe. 
As expected of such a long-running band with a deep discography, this live collection encompasses countless '90s classics as well as then-new cuts from Domain of Death (2001) and Darkest Day of Horror (2002), all captured in their rawest 'n' bloodiest state. Originally released in 2004 on CD by the band on their own label, "Zombie Massacre Live" is long overdue for the vinyl treatment. Above all, it's MORTICIAN: enough said!
1.Chainsaw Dismemberment 01:47 
2.Zombie Apocalypse 02:13 
3.The Hatchet Murders 01:39 
4.Worms 00:49 
5.Bonecrusher 01:19 
6.Redrum 03:02 
7.Final Bloodbath 01:33 
8.Driller Killer 00:55 
9.Slaughtered 01:29 
10.The Crazies 01:09 
11.Mortician 02:47 
12.Dr. Gore 01:48 
13.Lord of the Dead 02:43 
14.Witches Coven 03:26 
15.Hacked Up for Barbecue 02:43 
16.Chainsaw Dismemberment 01:47 
17.Drilling for Brains 00:59 
18.Zombie Apocalypse 02:00 
19.Brutally Mutilated 00:54 
20.Defiler of the Dead 01:22 
21.World Damnation 01:44 
22.Dr. Gore 01:48 
23.Martin the Vampire 01:42 
24.Driller Killer 00:52 
25.Extinction of Mankind 00:42 
26.Witches Coven 02:29 
27.Lord of the Dead 02:21 
28.Blown to Pieces 01:25 
29.Embalmed Alive 01:00 
30.The Bloodseekers 01:24 
31.Inquisition 01:38 
32.Dead and Buried 02:34 
33.Rampage 01:23 
34.Silent Night, Deadly Night 01:32 
35.Darkest Day of Horror 01:52 
36.Domain of Death 03:32 
37.Cremated 01:39

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