Sky burial

LP12 Double Vinil (Relapse Records)

Available from 08/03/2013

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2LP, Black 

Merging doom, pychedelic sludge, grind, black metal and mighty mighty riffs to create a sound wholly their own, INTER ARMA deliver their Relapse debut ‘Sky Burial’, easily an early contender for heavy music record of the year.  Emerging from the ever-fertile metal breeding grounds of Richmond, Virginia, Inter Arma have spent the last few years  touring relentlessly, perfecting a hypnotically punishing live show.  ‘Sky Burial’ brings that focus onto record, and what a record it is.  Truly heavy in all senses of the word, ‘Sky Burial’ is a spiritually intense journey through the halls of extreme metal.  INTER ARMA have made a decisively loud proclamation with ‘Sky Burial’---this is a band that could very well be the next crown-holder in a regal line of iconic Relapse bands. 

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