Room to Roam

LP12 Double Vinil (Warner)

Available from 15/11/2021

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The Waterboys 1990 album ‘Room to Roam’ was the bands fifth album. It continued the Folk-Rock sound of 1988's Fisherman's Blues and was recorded at Spiddal House in Galway, where the last recording sessions from the preceding album, Fisherman's Blues, had been recorded. Room to Roam would be the last of The Waterboys' Folk-rock sound until the release of Universal Hall in 2003. Fiddler Steve Wickham, who had been a large inspiration for the change to that sound for Fisherman's Blues, left the band shortly before Room to Roam was released.
Mastered for Half-speed and cut by Miles Showell at Abbey Road and made into a double album running at 45rpm. The original artwork has been presented in a new 5mm wide spine sleeve, polyline inners and insert.
Disc 1 - Side A
1. In Search Of A Rose (2008 Remastered Version) / 2. Song From The End Of The World (2008 Remastered Version) / 3. A Man Is In Love (2008 Remastered Version) / 4. Bigger Picture (2008 Remastered Version) / 5. Natural Bridge Blues (2008 Remastered Version)
Disc 1 - Side B
1. Something That Is Gone (2008 Remastered Version) / 2. The Star And The Sea (2008 Remastered Version) / 3. A Life Of Sundays (2008 Remastered Version)
Disc 2 - Side A
1. Islandman (2008 Remastered Version) / 2. The Raggle Taggle Gypsy (2008 Remastered Version) / 3. How Long Will I Love You (2008 Remastered Version) / 4. Upon The Wind And Waves (2008 Remastered Version) / 5. Spring Comes To Spiddal (2008 Remastered Version)
Disc 2 - Side B
1. The Trip To Broadford (2008 Remastered Version) / 2. Further Up, Further In (2008 Remastered Version) / 3. Room To Roam (2008 Remastered Version) / 4. The Kings Of Kerry (2008 Remastered Version).

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