Oceans Of Slumber

LP12 Double Vinil (Century Media)

Available from 04/03/2016

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“Holy shit... that’s pure perfection!”, “Her voice is beautiful!”, “The musicianship is insane!”, “The NEXT BIG THING in metal” are some of countless YouTube reactions on the songs of Texas prog metal act OCEANS OF SLUMBER whose singer Cammie Gilbert turned heads of music fans worldwide. Like classic Opeth, this band combines an extreme metal fundament (death metal in particular) with dark, atmospheric melodies, doomy heaviness, tinges of prog and classic rock, and rounds it off with soulful, smoky vocals. Having covered Candlemass, Emperor, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd on the previously released “Blue EP”, it’s rather easy to see that OCEANS OF SLUMBER have a wide array of inspirations and transform these into an undeniably epic wall of sound blessed with a strong melancholic mood mounting in such dramatic tracks as “Winter” or “Suffer The Last Bridge”. Rounded off with impressive artwork by Costin Chioreanu (At The Gates, Katatonia, Grave, Arcturus & many, many more), OCEANS OF SLUMBER are a highly recommended newcomer highlight.
01. Winter (07:57) 
02. Devout (05:07) 
03. Nights In White Satin (05:45) 
04. Lullaby (01:45) 
05. Laid To Rest (01:41) 
06. Suffer The Last Bridge (05:00) 
07. Good Life (02:07) 
08. Sunlight (05:34) 
09. Turpentine (05:31) 
10. Apologue (06:55) 
11. How Tall The Trees (01:33) 
12. ... This Road (07:43) 
13. Grace (03:20) 

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