Live at Roadburn Festival

LP12 Double Vinil

Available from 30/11/2018

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"Mixed by Justin Broadrick in 212, mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin in 2018 "Original vinyl version was never distributed, only available on Roadburn Festival Godflesh?are the the genre-blurring?band founded by Justin Broadrick and G.C.
Green in 1988. Their approach melds electronic/dub influences with the aggression of the metal and punk world.
This forward thinking style has made Godflesh one of the most important bands to ever surface from the "extreme" music world.
Laying the foundation for the blossoming post-metal world that dominates heavy music today.
Godflesh frontman Justin Broadrick believed that this performance was "the most coherent version of Streetcleaner ever played." The Quietus writer Jamie Thomson said this about the performance: "As [Godflesh] pummeled their way through a complete performance of Streetcleaner in the main theatre, the jackhammer drum machine and guitar crunch invoked more of a physical rather than emotional response - that response being: 'Ouch'." Thomson later wrote "Rather than being dwarfed by the occasion, the image of Justin Broadrick and G.
C. Green stood alone on the giant stage reflected perfectly their stark, tormented sound." The debut full-length from industrial mastermind Godflesh is suffocating as a live recording.
Rumbling bass, squealing guitars and strong vocals bring Streetcleaner to life in a different way than on the studio album, but it works to Godflesh's benefit.
The songs are more dissonant and, at times, cacophonous, a powerful incarnation of the record more than 20 years after its release.
(Decibel Magazine)

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