Cobras and fire

LP12 Double Vinil (Napalm Records)

Available from 21/10/2015

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CD Digipack | 2LP Black

Dave Wyndorf and his henchmen seemingly had the time of their lives when they completely rearranged and boosted Last Patrol 2014 and christened it Milking the stars: A re-imagining of last patrol! Now Monster Magnet go back even further to 2010 and Mastermind. Even if you know the album inside and out you won`t be prepared in the slightest for the trip that is Cobras and fire (The mastermind redux): just think of the beast Apocalypse Now turned into in its Redux form. Familiar elements drift by and are swallowed whole by thundering psych orgies – Wyndorf often focuses on a singular song fragment and turns it into his ride to total Nirvana. Go look for your daily dose of average rock elsewhere: this is the mindfuck of the year!
Dave Wyndorf - Vocals
Garret Sweeny - Guitars
Phil Caivano - Guitars
Chris Kosnik - Bass
Bob Pantella - Drums

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