And the Forests Dream Eternally

LP12 Double Vinil (Back On Black)

Available from 12/10/2020

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2LP Black | 2LP Clear
Reissue 2020

Side A:
1. Transylvanian Forest
2. Moonspell Rites
Side B:
3. Sventevith (Storming Near the Baltic)
4. Pure Evil and Hate
5. Forgotten Empire of Dark Witchcraft
Side C:
6. Transylvanian Forest (Merry Christless Festival 2017, Poland)
7. Moonspell Rites (Loud Park Festival 2013, Japan)
8. Pure Evil and Hate (Brutal Assault Festival, 2000, Czech Republic)
9. Transylvanian Forest (Pagan Triumph Tour 1996, Netherlands)
10. Transylvanian Forest (Riviera Remont Club 1996, Poland)
Side D:
11. Sventevith (Storming Near the Baltic) (Rehearsal 1994)
12. Moonspell Rites (1993 Rehearsal)
13. Pure Evil and Hate (1993 Rehearsal)
14. Moonspell Rites (1993 Rehearsal)

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