A document of dissent 1993-2013

LP12 Double Vinil (Fat Wreck)

Available from 28/07/2014

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After more than 20 years writing smash hits about smashing the state, ANTI-FLAG have complied a comprehensive best of album. 
Aptly titled A Document of Dissent, this collection houses two decades of material that thoroughly represents ANTI-FLAGs strong blend of music and message. 
Originally aimed at toppling oppression, it wasn’t long before ANTI-FLAGs songs were topping the charts. 
Eventually ANTI-FLAG landed as the premiere political punk band around with an unparalleled ability to write high-energy, riffy, fist-pumping, sing-along anthems that never lose sight of the bands anti-war, anti-imperialism, pro-human rights ethos. 
Comprised of 26 tracks, culled from 9 full-length albums spanning 6 labels, A Document of Dissent showcases the evolution of the bands sound with hit after glorious hit, each accompanied by in-depth liners notes from the band illustrating the songs history and significance. 
In addition, the packaging includes a biographical timeline of the band cross-referenced with world events. 
A Document of Dissent is the quintessential ANTI-FLAG collection for diehard and casual fans alike.
Catalogue sales of 1,000,000+!
Vinyl includes digital download of full 80+ minute album
ANTI-FLAG were featured on the first season of Warped Roadies on FUSE
ANTI-FLAG have appeared on MTV, FUSE and the Jimmy Kimmel Show
ANTI-FLAG headlined the Gobi stage at Coachella 2014 and have been regulars on Warped Tour, Bamboozle, Bumbershoot, SXSW and The Fest
Mastered by Mass Giorgini (Rise Against, Screeching Weasel, Alkaline Trio, Smoking Popes)
A-F are also widely known for their work with PETA, Amnesty International, Rainforest Action Network, ACLU, Greenpeace, Planned Parent hood, Unionrocks and many others

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