Re-issue of Strigzscara Warwolf Live 1993 from the undisputed kings of true blasphemous black metal - Marduk - now on cassette!
Marduk are an outstanding Swedish black metal war machine, always strongly determined to go their own way, refusing to adjust, always fighting to stay on top and never backing down!
Let's unleash this monster from the past!!!
1. Intro
2. Darkness Breeds Immortality
3. A Sculpture Of The Night
4. The Funeral Seemed To Be Endless
5. On Darkened Wings
6. The Black Goat
7. The Sun Turns Black As Night
8. Wolves  
9. Stone Stands Its Silent Vigil
10. Dark Endless
11. Those Of The Unlight
12. Still Fucking Dead
13. Burn My Coffin

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