Record shipping carton Box (Pack 10)

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Record shipping carton up to 125 LPs
This extremely stable double corrugated record shipping carton is ideal for shipping up to 125 records. Double wall is a type of corrugated cardboard that consists of two corrugated layers and is therefore particularly resistant.
To use such a box, you should make sure that it is big enough to hold the records without damaging them. It is advisable to stack the records in several layers on top of each other to save space and use the cardboard efficiently. However, you should make sure that the records are not subjected to too much stress and that the lower layers are not crushed.
It is also advisable to pack the records in inner sleeves or bags to avoid scratches or damage. Padding with bubble wrap or other suitable materials can also help ensure that the records are transported safely in the box.
In order to seal the box securely, you should use sufficiently strong packing tape and carefully seal the box at all openings. Here, too, additional padding with tape or other suitable materials can help to increase the stability of the box.
It is important to clearly label the shipping carton as "Records" or "Fragile" to ensure it is handled appropriately. If you're posting the box with a carrier, you should also make sure they have adequate insurance to cover any damage.

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