Nessie Vinylin Record Cleaner 500 ml

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Nessie Vinylin Record Cleaner 500 ml
Self-mixing was yesterday!
Nessie Vinylin is an inexpensive, ready-to-use
record cleaner with excellent sound properties.
The cleaning performance is unsurpassed,
thanks to strong anionic surfactants. Isopropyl
alcohol was deliberately avoided, but a closed
cleaning film is achieved in the shortest possible
time. The grease dissolving power (fingerprints)
is also excellent. A foam inhibitor prevents the
formation of foam that could be sucked into
the machine by the suction turbine.
With one bottle (500ml) of this special cleaner
you can wash approx. 100 records (both sides)
in electric record washing machines. Developed
for the Nessie Vinylmaster.

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