Live At Palm Cove&83-87

DVD (Cherry Red)

Available from 13/05/2010

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Todos os clássicos compilados em 4 concertos na década de 80, para muitos a melhor fase da banda: Palm Cove de 83, Nottingham 87, Los Angeles 84 e Carlisle City em 83. Tracklist Palm Cove Exploited Barmy Army–Army Life–Cop Cars–Alternative–Fuck the USA– Jimmy Boyle – Dead Cities – Sex&Violence – The Rapist – Dogs Of War – Fuck the Mods – Blown To Bits–Troops Of Tomorrow–Computers Don´t Blunder–I Believe in Anarchy–Punks Not Dead–Belsen Was a Gas–Warhead Nottingham UK 82-Troops Of Tomorrow–I Believe in Anarchy–Maggie–Punks Not Dead– LA Alternative Carlisle Exploited Barmy Army–Cop Cars- Army Life–Sex&Violence–The Rapist–Jimmy Boyle–Dead Cities–Dogs Of War–Punks Not Dead –Warhead

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