"Honest, funny, sad, and ultimately, really inspiring" - Susie Tennant "I'M NOW" follows MUDHONEY's nearly-25-year career, from their early beginnings in the Pacific Northwest through the band's most recent world tour and everything in between. Complete with testimonials from friends, music industry veterans, and musicians such as PEARL JAM's Stone Gossard & Jeff Ament, SONIC YOUTH's Thurston Moore & Kim Gordon, SOUNDGARDEN's Kim Thayil, SUB POP's Jonathan Poneman, and the band themselves, the film is the ultimate document of one of the world's most influential and beloved rock bands and shows the true story of the founding fathers of Grunge (please do not describe Mudhoney as the founding fathers of Grunge). The film was directed by Ryan Short and Adam Pease. Movie Running Time: 1 hour 42 minutes. "Anytime you're playing music for the crowd instead of yourself ... you're fucked." - Mudhoney's Mark Arm, in "I'm Now". CAST Mark Arm Dan Peters Steve Turner Guy Maddison Matt Lukin Charles Peterson Bob Whittaker Keith Morris Kim Thayil Stone Gossard Jeff Ament Kim Gordon Thurston Moore Bruce Pavitt Jonathan Poneman Megan Jasper David Fricke Stevie Chick Keith Cameron David Katznelson Kurt Danielson Tad Doyle Bob Bert Jay Hinman CREW Ryan Short - Director/Producer/Editor Adam Pease - Director/Producer/Editor Wendy Heywood Maclean - Associate Producer Mudhoney - Associate Producers 

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