"Where It All Began digitally re-mastered footage of classic American pro wrestling from the National Wrestling Alliance Spanning 30 years 9 Matches have been selected from the extensive archives which features the Original Nature Boy Buddy Rogers challenging NWA champion Pat OConnor from 1961 in front of 38,000 fans. Gorgeous George battles Jessie James 2 out of 3 falls Argentina Antonino Rocca takes on Johnny Valentine and see 625 Pound Haystacks Calhoun square off against Killer Brooks See the womens NWA champion June Byers defend her belt against Betty Hawkins and includes the legendary Killer Kowalski facin aristocrat Edouard Carpentier. 
Digitally remastered footage of classic American Wrestling from the "NATIONAL WRESTLING ALLIANCE" 
Fight Card: 
NWA Title - Pat OConnor vs. Buddy Rogers
NWA Women's Title - June Byers vs. Betty Hawkins
Dick The Bruiser vs. Pepper Gomez
Antonino Rocca & Miguel Perez vs. Skull Murphy & Kurt Von Hess
Haystacks Calhoun vs. Killer Brooks
Killer Kowalski vs. Edouard Carpentier
Rocca, Perez & Ricki Starr vs. DR. Jerry Graham & The Fabulous Kangaroos
Antonino Rocca vs. Johnny Valentine
Gorgeous George vs. Jessie James 
Originally released 1991 in the U.S. 
Wrestlers featured in new WWE DVD releases "Rise & Fall of WCW" & "50 Greatest Superstars Of All Time"
- #50 - Killer Kowalski
- #35 - Buddy Rogers
- #13 - Gorgeous George 
Starring: Buddy Rogers, Pat OConnor, Gorgeous George, Killer Kowalski, Haystacks Calhoun & Antonio Rocca
Genre: Sports Wrestling 
Rating: E EXEMPT 
Run time: 100 Mins 

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