Edição de 2004 para os Bad Religion. Gravado em 1989 durante a "Suffer Tour" em 14 países Europeus, este DVD contém 26 temas com grandes clássicos antigos dos Bad Religion. Como bónus temos ainda entrevistas a Greg Graffin, Brett Gurewitz, Greg Hetson, Jay Bentley e Pete Finestone. Tracklist Suffer - Land Of Competion - 1000 More Fools - Doing Time - Damned To Be Free - Latch Key Kids - Part II - How Much Is Enough - Along The way - Do What You Want - Faith In God - We´re Only Gonna... - Drastic Actions - Delirium Of Disorder - You Are (The Government) - Yesterday - Forbidden Beat - Voice Of God... - Frogger - When - Fuck Armageddon...- Give You Nothing - Best For You - Bad Religion - Politics - World War III

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