After months of delay: The ENSIFERUM live show from Nosturi in Helsinki. Recorded at new year´s eve, 31.12.2005
On New Year’s Eve 2005-2006, Finnish folk-metallers Ensiferum celebrated their 10th anniversary with a live concert at Helsinki’s club Nosturi, and now finally this spectacular show has been brought forth to a DVD for all to watch! Ensiferum (that’s Latin for “sword-bearing”, folks!) was found by guitarist Markus Toivonen in 1995. Hugely inspired by folk music, Markus was also fascinated by melodic death metal bands like Amorphis and Dark Tranquillity. Ensiferum recorded their self-titled debut album “Ensiferum” in late 2000 at the Finnish SundiCoop Studios. Released in July 2001, the debut album’s feedback was tremendous worldwide. After a successful debut, the band took a trip down to Copenhagen’s legendary Sweet Silence Studies to record with Flemming Rasmussen (known for his ground-breaking work with Metallica in their speed metallic prime). The result was a second mega success: the “Iron” album. For their latest CD offering, the Ensiferum longship landed nearer home this time around in Helsinki’s Sonic Pump Studios for the recording of the mini CD “Dragonheads”. The resulting sound was crisp and loud, presenting no disappointment for the hordes of Ensiferum fans worldwide. Now, with Petri Lindroos from Norther handling the growling vocals, guitarist Markus Toivonen singing the clean vocal melodies, Janne Parviainen (ex-Barathrum, ex-Waltari) on drums, bassist Sami Hinkka not only playing bass but also backing up Markus’ clean vocals, and with the beautiful folk-maiden Meiju Enho on keyboards, Ensiferum will continue to deliver the best folk metal there is on this universe! Gathering songs from all of the band’s albums, this DVD not only shows the band at their finest, it’s also an excellent introduction to the band’s music, and an excellent way to catch up with what Ensiferum’s up to, whilst waiting for their next album, due out in early 2007. Filled to the brim with melodies honouring the Nordic pagan heritage and delivered with the firm conviction of the seasoned professionals that Ensiferum are, this is one live release you shouldn’t miss!

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