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Two years after the monumentally massive splendour of The Phantom Agony (2003), Epica released the majestic successor Consign To Oblivion. On this album, for the greater part inspired by the Mayan culture, the group around mezzo-soprano Simone Simons and guitarist Mark Jansen broke new ground. The music was getting more accessible and the variety of the compositions grew, ranging from unadulterated gothic-metal to ballads. "This album marks Epica's growth into maturity", Mark Jansen stated. "This is the album I always wanted to make. Now we've finally had the opportunity and the capacity to realize a project like this."
On Consign To Oblivion Epica show themselves as an imposing and tightly-knit rock machine with almost Wagnerian power, proving in all aspects why the band is counted as the vanguard of international gothic-metal scene in the category female fronted. A glorious new album by a great, which includes 6 bonus tracks! 
In 2008 punk veterans NOFX released an 8-part TV docu-series called NOFX: Backstage Passport, which followed the bands ill-fated attempts to take punk rock to the unconquered corners of the globe. 
The mayhem that ensued was a mix of hilarious moments and crazy snafus that resulted in some shows on the tour being cancelled. 
Over the following four years NOFX set out to make up several shows in Mexico, Peru and Colombia that got derailed on their first attempt.
Not surprisingly there were just as many bumps in the road this time around: inner-band meltdowns, shady promoters, tear gas, fires, drugs, an 8.8 earthquake and, of course, riot cops. 
Once again the cameras were there to capture every inglorious moment and its all available for your viewing pleasure as part of Backstage Passport 2. 
In addition to the feature-length documentary, the two disc set contains two lost episodes (Australia and Eastern Europe) from the original Backstage Passport series and loads of unreleased bonus footage. 
Backstage Passport 2 is your ticket to accompany NOFX on more berserk international adventures, done as only they can.
NOFX have well over 5 million in catalog sales
Backstage Passport sold over 40k units on DVD
Backstage Passport originally gained acclaim as one of FUSETVs highest rated shows
Deluxe 2 disc DVD set includes an extensive, detailed account of the entire BSP experience written by Fat Mike
Disc two includes 2 never-before-seen episodes from the original series
Contains a ton of bonus footage
All-region encoded
English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Australian subtitles
Package is made up of all recycled materials
Disc One
Feature-length documentary covering
Colombia, Peru, and Mexico Tours
Run time 102 minutes
Disc Two
Season 1 unreleased episode Australia
Season 1 unreleased episode Eastern Europe
Season 2 bonus footage and deleted scenes
Run time 88 minutes

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