Monte Carlo Rallies 1958-1965

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In the late 1950s and early 1960s, ITN filmed a series of news items around the globe called the 'Roving Report'; most have never been seen again since their initial broadcast. This DVD collects all three of the full length 'Roving Reports' that covered the famous Monte Carlo Rally and augments them with surviving ITN newsreels that cover the intervening years. ITN ROVING REPORTS : THE MONTE CARLO RALLIES 1958 - 1965 is a must-have for news archive and rally enthusiasts everywhere!
Roving Report 1958 (26 mins)
Horrendous weather blighted the 1958 rally and this report shows the cars struggling in the ice and snow, concluding all the drivers must be slightly 'insane'! Following the ITN car from its start in Glasgow, this report also includes interviews with the President of the Monte Carlo Automobile Club and with drivers commenting on the challenging conditions.
Roving Report 1959 (18 mins)
Opening with the presentation of the Winners Cup by Prince Rainier of Monaco, this report then looks back on the rally and at many of the different starting locations. With footage from Rome, Athens and Lisbon, this fascinating film shows how difficult and challenging a rally is to complete.  Features interviews with Anne Moss and Tommy Wisdom amongst others.
ITN Newsreels 1960 (6 mins)
A selection of original footage including the Paris Checkpoint, Lord Provis starting the race in Glasgow and the hazardous conditions in the Massif Central.
ITN Newsreels 1961 (4 mins)
Rare footage shows the cars from the different starting points converging on the route to Charbonnières.  Once again, the snow was causing havoc with many cars failing to complete the demanding course.
Roving Report 1962 (21 mins)
An in-depth look at the particular challenges facing the amateur drivers up against the professional entrants.  Presented by Neville Barker, we follow starters from Glasgow right through to the winners receiving the trophy.  Along the way, we hear from Anne Moss, Graham Hill and a local French hotelier who is less than amused at having the rally on his doorstep!
ITN Newsreels 1964 (4 mins)
A glimpse into the last minute preparations of the cars in Paris before they embark on the journey.  Including footage of drivers using a new intercom system and rare footage of rallying behind The Iron Curtain.
Monte As A Business 1965 (8 mins)
A stand alone report looking at the financial side of the Rally. We hear from manufacturers who discuss the huge advertising benefits and also from amateurs who were beginning to become marginalised by the higher profile teams.

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