"Death Metal: Are We Watching You Die?", the latest DVD documentary from The Grimoire Of Exalted Deeds editor/film maker Bill Zebub, will be released on February 23 via Bill Zebub Productions.

This two-hour documentary presents its artists in as cordial a depiction as possible, allowing them to candidly talk about a variety of topics. There are no narrations; the tale is told by experts who don't need to have their views simplified or sensationalized.

In addition to legendary death metal bands like KRISIUN and CANNIBAL CORPSE, representatives from black metallers MARDUK, MAYHEM, and CRADLE OF FILTH, once considered part of the "enemy camp," talk about the divisions between the two genres in the past as well as the lowering of boundaries in the present. Also included are artists like Liv Kristine (LEAVES' EYES, ATROCITY, ex-THEATRE OF TRAGEDY), who revolutionized the beauty-and-the-beast contrast between operatic female vocals and guttural death metal vocals in a hybridized musical form that borrowed from many influences outside of death metal in the older incarnation of THEATRE OF TRAGEDY.

As with all Bill Zebub documentaries, "Death Metal: Are We Watching You Die?" depicts a personal side of the bands and will hopefully serve as a launchpad for curious viewers to seek out more information. Death metal fans are ACTIVE fans; that is what prevents the music from dying..

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