CBGB: Punk from the Bowery


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Well, the title says it all, doesn’t it? A document of punk and the famed New York club that helped launch it into the snotty, snotty stratosphere, CBGB: Punk From the Bowery packs 15 bands and 28 songs into just under 70 minutes of pure, loud, adrenalized excitement. The performances here are probably the next best thing to being in the club live — highlights include Madball’s “Lockdown,” Agnostic Front’s “Something’s Gotta Give,” the Cro-Mags’ “Hard Times,” Adrenaline OD’s “Old People Talk Loud,” the Vibrators’ “Pure Mania” and the UK Subs’ “Emotional Blackmail.” With these raging tunes, fans and non-fans alike can get a good dose of what makes punk so special — the unbridled energy and enthusiasm on display. For cool-down, there’s also a half-hour tour of the club hosted by owner Hilly Kristal. (James Stanton)

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