Visions Of Exalted Lucifer

2CD (HammerHeart)

Available from 22/02/2016

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2CD | LP

Cirith Gorgor and Hammerheart Records are setting up for the release of their new album "Visions Of Exalted Lucifer"! Respect Cirith Gorgor’s legacy & past, but keep a fresh mind, Cirith Gorgor A.D. is all together an entity of a different kind! Cirith Gorgor is the Phoenix, risen and reborn from its proud ashes of the past, reborn in a much stronger form, reborn to take all true followers of the dark black metal cult by ultimate surprise!
"The black dimensions of demonic wisdom are attacking you merciless. Frosted guitars seed your thoughts with the devil’s commands and at the same time the melodic riffs harmonize your brain equilibrium."
Metal Invader
"The atmosphere is intense and raw, the musicianship flawless, while the songwriting is solid with roots back to the glory days of black metal."
Eternal Terror
"With wondrously harsh vocals and blazing frostbitten riffs Cirith Goror have added another fitting chapter to their legacy of torment and put together a release that any black metal fan will be able to get in too. Bombastic, bleak and wonderfully grim there is a certain magical sense of liberation to Visions Of Exalted Lucifer that lets it merit many a spin."
Two Guys Metal Review

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