Live In Paris 1975


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Deep Purple - Live In Paris 75 is a fantastic album for a number of reasons. First of all, the history, you may or may not know, but this Paris gig is actually the very last Mk III concert (Blackmore, Coverdale, Hughes, Lord, Paice). After this show Ritchie Blackmore would leave the band to start his band Rainbow. Therefore, the show was always going to be special, full of emotion, and it did not disappoint. The music is as always top draw, but the thing that sets this show apart from other Mk III gigs is the volume of material. Included in this shows are of course the favourites from Mk II days (Smoke On The Water, Highway Star) and the favourites from Mk III's Burn album (Burn, Mistreated) but also performances of songs from Mk III's other album Stormbringer (Gypsy, Lady Double Dealer) not heard on classic gigs like Live In London and California Jamming. As i said the music is fantastic, Deep Purple always stood out to me as a band capable of fantastic things, and unlike many other bands they seem to deliver every time! From Mk II's Made In Japan all the way to this brilliant album, and beyond, DP have always been a top live band. Not a lot of people (myself included) were lucky enough to see the great Mk III line-up because of the simple fact that they were only together just under two years. This is album is definately the next best thing, be it Ritchie's sublime guitar solos (notably Mistreated) or Glenn and David vying for vocals this band always put on a great show and if you only buy one DP Mk III live album, make sure its Live In Paris 75.

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