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In the summer of 2010, PROJECT PITCHFORK put us through their infernally intense Dark Electro journey named "Continuum Ride". It was nothing less than the temporary climax of an unparalleled career that dates back to the year 1991 and boasts impressive cornerstones: Two decades of musical history, 13 studio albums, hundreds of gigs and countless cover stories lie behind mastermind Peter Spilles and his comrades Dirk Scheuber and Jurgen Jansen. And still not even the faintest sign of fatigue, as the groundbreaking quality of "Continuum Ride" or a fantastic rank 21 in the German Album Charts impressively prove. In 2011, the full steaming PROJECT PITCHFORK machinery pauses for a moment to look back. Almost exactly 20 years ago, the first PROJECT PITCHFORK album "Dhyani" was released, a seminal work of German Dark Electro and one of the genres early milestones. Adequate to this anniversary, PROJECT PITCHFORK release the lavishly equipped best-of work "First Anthology" and invite to the most extensive and extraordinary journey through the first ten years of their history from their very early steps to the founding of their label Candyland Entertainment up until their time with the major company East West. Two brimful CDs feature a total of 31 tracks from the first PROJECT PITCHFORK decade. But instead of simply sweeping the tracks together without giving them so much as a glance, every single song has been remastered and adapted to todays production possibilities with a special attention on conserving the atmosphere and characteristic sound inherent to the original versions. Consequently, "K.N.K.A.", one of the first PROJECT PITCHFORK tracks ever, stands side by side with the ecstatic sound realms of the new millennium present in titles like the immortal "Timekiller". Besides laborious reworks of unforgettable classics like "Existence" or "Endzeit", the best-of also features the brandnew track "Burning" that has been exclusively written for this release, once more underlining the band's extraordinary status. No question: PROJECT PITCHFORK wrote Dark Electro history. But only the impressive thickness of timeless songs and the extensive biography in the luxurious booklet make clear how important this band really is for the Gothic/Electro scene. "First Anthology" is nothing less than a summarized Dark Electro history in 31 chapters, a musical journey through the opus of a groundbreaking band whose songs have lost nothing of their impact. As PROJECT PITCHFORK retrospective and history of a genre combined, "First Anthology" is an essential collection of influential songs. This is all you need to know about Dark Electro.

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