Re-issue of the 2014 ‘Carnivore Sublime’ plus bonus live CD!
This special edition of Benighted’ s 2014 'Carnivore Sublime' shows a blistering display of modern extreme metal and is a synthesis of everything great about modern death metal. The new version of this death metal classic comes with a bonus live CD of 'Brutalive the Sick', which was recorded during Sylak Open Air (2014) and sees the band celebrating their 15th anniversary of grinding death mastery.
CD1 Carnivore Sublime
1. X2Y
2. Noise
3. Experience Your Flesh
4. Slaughter/Suicide
5. Spit
6. Defiled Purity
7. Jekyll
8. Collection of Dead Portraits
9. Carnivore Sublime
10. Les Morsures du Cerbère
11. June and The Laconic Solstice
CD2 Brutalive the Sick (bonus) 
1. X2Y
2. Noise
3. Let the blood spill between my broken teeth
4. Collapse
5. Experience your flesh
6. Carnivore Subl
7. Prey
8. Grind Wit
9. Fritzl
10. Collection of dead portraits
11. Slaughter suicide
12. Slut
13. Asylum cave

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