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dBorn from a simple idea and eventually coalescing over the last couple of years into a fully formed entity, JOHNNY THE BOY make music that hurts. Formed around a creative core of vocalist Belinda Kordic, guitarist Justin Greaves (both core members of Crippled Black Phoenix) and bassist Matt Crawford (CBP alumnus and live bassist), JOHNNY THE BOY began life as an instinctive grab for something darker and nastier. Armed with a scabrous but sculpted blend of ice-cold black metal, excoriating sludge and sinewy, white-knuckle rock’n’roll, the trio’s musical identity has arrived, perfectly imperfect and ready to eviscerate. For fans of CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX, SABBATH ASSEMBLY, CROWBAR, IRON MONKEY, SWANS. Cover photography by Tracklist: 01. Die Already (05:12) 02. Grime (04:10) 03. He Moves (04:44) 04. Endlessly Senseless (06:13) 05. Crossings (08:05) 06. Druh (02:52) 07. Wired (02:47) 08. Without You (07:16)

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