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Nightwish - Yesterwynde
Nightwish, the Finnish/Dutch/British symphonic sensation, is back with their tenth studio album, "Yesterwynde". Known for their seamless blend of acoustic melodies and symphonic heavy metal, the band continues to push musical boundaries with every release.
Tuomas Holopainen shares that "Yesterwynde" took over 3.5 years to create, making it their most meticulously crafted album yet. The new record delves into universal themes like memories, mortality, and humanism, concluding a lyrical trilogy that began with "Endless Forms Most Beautiful" and "Human. :II: Nature".
With its rich compositions and intricate details, "Yesterwynde" has sparked diverse opinions, being described as the band's heaviest, most progressive, and most collaborative work. Holopainen hints at its depth, saying, "If something in the composition puzzles you, the words might clear it up".
"Yesterwynde" will be available as an exclusive 4 LP Boxset with calendar, on exclusive splatter & marbled 2LPs with 16-page booklets and various other strictly limited formats.

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