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SPACE OF VARIATIONS is not only the name of a band that’s made an undeniable impression on the underground modern metal scene over the last few years, but also a statement. Breaking out of their Ukrainian homeland by sheer will and perseverance, SPACE OF VARIATIONS has shown that their unique and powerful songwriting skills have a place on the international music landscape. This DIY and never-give-up-ever attitude led SPACE OF VARIATIONS to share stages with the likes of ARCHITECTS, ESKIMO CALLBOY, ADEPT and more, to self-releasing various singles but most importantly releasing their LP Mind Darknet, which included the breakthrough single “Tibet”, garnishing 400k YouTube views and international interest from fans and industry people alike. Catching the eye and ears of fellow countrymen, friends and supporters JINJER, SPACE OF VARIATIONS joined them for their very first full European tour, performing in front of 30k fans over a 5-week period. This Ukrainian powerhouse called SPACE OF VARIATIONS explore vast sonic landscapes and emotions and manage to captivate each listener with their all-encompassing and ever-changing moods - musically as well as lyrically - whether they be brutal and uncompromising or emotive and comforting.

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