Wolves Of Karelia

CD (Napalm Records)

Available from 10/04/2020

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cd | lp black

Winter metal from the North – a new chapter in WOLFHEART’s saga of blood and melancholy
Emerging from dusky woods, the untamed and forlorn nature of Finnish quartet WOLFHEART leads them to one of the most picturesque regions of their home country, Karelia. Just as wildlife itself maintains harmony through a violent clash of the beautiful and unpredictable, Wolves of Karelia explores the previously coined genre of winter metal - smoothly connecting a traditional approach towards extreme genres (‘Reaper’) with atmospheric or acoustic details (‘the Hammer’, ‘Horizon on Fire’), crowned by the instrumental interlude, ‘Eye of the Storm’. With the noted complexity of their fifth album, WOLFHEART master the art of sonic storytelling through eight multi-faceted stylistic eposes with a virtuosity of riffs, guitar solos, and abrupt tempo-changes. Above all, however, Wolves of Karelia attack with complex arrangements and melodically-grasped melancholy, creating a release as bewitching and intense as it is atmospherically resonant.
1    Hail Of Steel
2    Horizon On Fire
3    Reaper
4    The Hammer
5    Eye Of The Storm
6    Born From Fire
7    Arrows Of Chaos
8    Ashes

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