"When the the guitarists of these Irishmen play their profoundly melancholic, yet gladly non-clichéd Celtic riffs while singer Alan Averill's voice is dripping with pathos, it's goosebumps galore. And since WHERE GREATER MEN HAVE FALLEN is once more an album that works out well, the result cannot be less than six points!" (Robert Müller, Metal Hammer magazine Germany)
"Sublime and tasteful: PRIMORDIAL celebrate on 'Where Greater Men Have Fallen' dark, sinister hymns to die for!" (Boris Kaiser, Rock Hard magazine Germany)
"Brutally heavy, yet dramatic and sophisticated - the album of the year!" (Götz Kühnemund, Deaf Forever magazine Germany)
"An album hard to beat in authenticity, emotionality, in heaviness and atmosphere!" (Diana Glöckner, Legacy magazine Germany) 
01. Where Greater Men Have Fallen
02. Babel's Tower
03. Come The Flood
04. The Seed Of Tyrants
05. Ghosts Of The Charnel House
06. The Alchemist's Head
07. Born To Night
08. Wield Lightning To Split The Sun

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