What doesn´t kill me


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And now EKTOMORF are back! Three years after their fantastic "Outcast“ album (on NUCLEAR BLAST), the most well known Hungarian band returns with an album that re-defines a whole genre! As massive and powerful as EKTOMORF fans are used to, but “What Doesn´t Kill Me” delivers even more. Walls will fall, borders will crash - EKTOMORF have created a monument of modern, heavy, groove-oriented music!! 1. Rat War
2. Nothing Left
3. What Dosen't Kill Me...
4. Revenge To All
5. Love And Live
6. I Can See You
7. I Got It All
8. New Life
9. Sick Of It All
10. It´s Up To You
11. Envy
12. Scream
13. Breed The Fire

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