Wakey Wakey

CD (Westworld)

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Wakey Wakey" is the sixth studio album by punk rock group TOY DOLLS, originally released in 1989. 
This record includes classics like "Cloughy Was A Bootboy" and "Lester Fiddled The Taxman".
The booklet comes complete with liner notes and lyrics to every song. 
Full servicing to all key media. 
Comes as a Limited Edition CD Digipack.
2.Wakey Wakey Intro
3.Lester Fiddled The Tax Man
4.Pot Belly Bill
5.One Night In Moscow (& We'll Be Russian Home!)
6.Cloughy Is A Bootboy!
7.Sabre Dance
8.Daveys Took The Plunge
9.There's A Trollop Up Elmwood Street
10.No Particular Place To Go
11.Poverty Pleadin' Peter
12.Blaze Of The Borough
13.Wakey Wakey Outro
14.Goodnight Irene

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