Vacation In The Underworld


Available from 16/12/2022

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GrammY® Award-winning bassist David Ellefson and acclaimed metal singer Jeff Scott Soto have teamed up for a new project: Ellefson/ Soto-Vacation In The Underworld. In the tradition of great duos like: David Coverdale & Jimmy Page, Tony Iommi & Glenn Hughes, Tommy Shaw & Jack Blades, Michael Sweet & George Lynch, to name just a few examples. They are accompanied by Andy Martongelli on guitar and keys and Paulo Caridi on drums. The album contains eleven tracks and three bonus recordings that show why Ellefson/Soto is considered a legend by many in the Metal world. From the fiery guitar guidance of the album opener "Vacation In The Underworld" to the prog metal rage of the closer "Rise To Win", Ellefson/Soto have created a debut that will captivate metal fans from all over the world. Songs like "Sharpen The Sword", "The Revolution" and "Live To Die Another Day" combine different styles and show the different influences that Ellefson/Soto have collected in their four decades in music. Jade Etro of the Italian power metal band Frozen Crown has a guest appearance on "The Day Before Tomorrow". Steve Conley and Ken Mary of Flotsam & Jetsam perform on the title track "Vacation In The Underworld". Vacation In The Underworld ignites a rousing thunder of thrash firepower, rock swagger and arena-ready-thunder. 1. Vacation In The Underworld
2. Like A Bullet
3. Sharpen The Sword
4. The Reason
5. S.T.N.
6. The Revolution
7. Celebrity Trash
8. Live To Die Another Day
9. The Day Before Tomorrow
10. Hercules
11. Rise To Win
12. Out Of The Blue
13. Lone Star
14. Writing On The Wall
15. I'm Not Your Stepping Stone (Only available in EU version)

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