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“The best band that ever existed” is, according to none less than Josh Homme, Sweden’s fuzz fans TRUCKFIGHTERS! While sporting undeniable Kyuss or QOTSA influences, these lads know how to create a very dynamic and diverse stoner rock sound. Some more playful guitar passages remind of Mastodon or the melancholic flair of Tool, songs like the Danzig-style “Calm Before The Storm” fit perfectly to driving, grooving tracks like “The 1” or “Gehenna”. Vocalist Ozo proves the perfect link between sheer power, catchiness and emotional impact. Known as a fantastic live act, TRUCKFIGHTERS will present “V” also on tour to make the masses submit to the almighty power of fuzz! The Limited Edition CD+DVD includes two instrumental bonus tracks as well as a DVD with a documentary, video clips and live action!

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