Transcend the Rubicon

CD (Back On Black)

Available from 02/12/2022

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Re-issue of “Transcend the Rubicon” the third album from old school death metallers Benediction, originally released in 1993!
A mixture of old and new. Benediction's slightly punk-influenced (mostly in the drumming) style of death metal remains fully intact..
The drumming is simple but effective with that distinct punk/thrash flavour which enhancing the killer riffs... Oh, it's all about the riffs...!!
"Transcend the Rubicon" is a very worthy purchase for all old-school death metal aficionados. The album has everything that an old school death metal fan could want in an album!
For fans of: Asphyx, Bolt Thrower, Master, Massacre, or "Harmony Corruption"-era Napalm Death
1. Unfound Mortality
2. Nightfear
3. Paradox Alley
4. I Bow To None
5. Painted Skulls
6. Violation Domain
7. Face Without Soul
8. Bleakhouse
9. Blood From Stone
10. Wrong Side Of The Grave
11. Artefacted / Spit Forth

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