Too fast for love

CD (Warner)

Available from 24/08/2022

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The band's 1981 debut album Too Fast for Love captures this era in raw and unpolished form. The album sounds like it has been recorded in a tin hut using the cheapest instruments and equipment available - it's fantastic! Hailing from L.A. Crue were more upbeat and cheekier than their New York counterparts Twisted Sister, and this album is basically about cheap women and substance abuse - the kind of lifestyle that the band were living at the time. The guitars are tinny and screechy, similar to those on the debut Kiss release almost 10 years previous, and Vince Neils voice is a high pitched, dirty assault weapon but it is the quality of the songs which really made the Motleys stand out. Simple, fast rock and roll, get it cause you'll love it.

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