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LOS FASTIDIOS are back with their new eighth full length THE SOUND OF REVOLUTION, twelve tracks in the classic Los Fastidios style, that's a winning blend of street sounds, from street-punk to ska, from oi! to rocksteady/reggae, from rock'n'roll to melodic punk and street soul, maybe the most complete work ever from the band.
THE SOUND OF REVOLUTION is the power that music can be in all circumstances, the independent music that comes from the streets, alternative, and anti-establishment tracks, spreading the message far and wide thanks to the hundreds of shows that the band has played over the years and will continue to play all over Europe.
An album that captures attention from the outset, presenting various styles from the first track.
The messages in the songs are easily understood but also deeply meaningful, familiar and enjoyable to long-time fans of the band, and which will hopefully capture many new fans to Los Fastidios.
Matteo & Alberto, the brass section of the ska band SKASSAPUNKA (from Milan), guest with their trumpets in one track on the album.
Also, back as a regular guest is Francesco "De Veggent" the keyboardist of the legendary RedSka band, who joins us with his magic keyboards for three tracks on the album.
THE SOUND OF REVOLUTION also features a nice ska punk cover of the Manu Chao song CLANDESTINO and a great SKA MEDLEY of The Specials' YOU'RE WONDERING NOW and Cock Sparrer's WE'RE COMING BACK.
Everybody needs, everybody loves, everybody wants The Sound Of Revolution!

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