The Plague Of A Coming Age


Available from 08/03/2013

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OCTOBER FALLS returns with "The Plague Of A Coming Age", a deeply melancholic, emotive journey through eras gone and yet to come, an ominous album from the soil and of the soil, seeped in the blood of fallen ancestors, paying homage to their struggles, celebrating their honour and acknowledging their sacrifice – the ultimate redemption. At once nostalgic and harrowing, "The Plague Of A Coming Age" narrates ancient, historic events in OCTOBER FALLS' inimitable, organic style... exquisitely sonorous, subtly aggressive and always divinely melodic. Nourishment for the subconscious, medicine for the soul, a remedy for the ills of aeons unknown, yet felt. Time scars the flesh; these marks are passed from generation to generation, carrying the wisdom that lives in us all.
1. At the Edge Of An Empty Horizon
2. Bloodlines
3. The Verge Of Oblivion
4. Snakes Of The Old World
5. The Plague Of A Coming Age
6. Mouth Of A Nation's Harlots
7. Boiling Heart Of The North
8. The Weight Of The Fallen
9. Below The Soils

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