The Pendulum

CD (Napalm Records)

Available from 27/03/2020

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"The Pendulum" - the masterful new EP by the undisputed kings of epic doom, staving off your hunger for more until CANDLEMASS' next full-length hits!
Grammy-nominated classic doom icons CANDLEMASS don't even need to drop a full-length for every release to prove they belong at the top of an entire genre and beyond. Fully comprised of never-before-heard, unused tracks cut from the The Door To Doom recording sessions, the band’s masterful new EP, The Pendulum, perfectly showcases that these timeless Swedish pioneers are the undisputed kings of epic doom.
The fully-mastered EP opener/title track “The Pendulum” charges in with a melodic, head-swinging, thrashy rush - setting the stage for the raw, unfiltered steamrolling demo cut, "Porcelain Skull”, encapsulating the listener in unadulterated doom heaviness. The six track EP leads the listener through a maze of frenzied riffing, accented by Leif Edling's distinctive, penetrating vocals and the unique, melancholy sound that has proven CANDLEMASS as a heavy metal staple. The Pendulum is a MUST-HAVE for every classic doom record collection, and will stave off the hunger for more until the band's next full-length hits.
1    The Pendulum
2    Snakes of Goliath (Unreleased Demo)
3    Sub Zero (Unreleased Demo)
4    Aftershock (Unreleased Demo)
5    Porcelain Skull (Unreleased Demo)
6    The Cold Room (Unreleased Demo)

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