The Ones from hell

CD (Season of Mist)

Available from 14/02/2020

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With the previous album 'Satanic Slavery', NECROWRETCH delivered a culmination of the first ten years of the band’s existence and it was with that album all previous tendencies were met in perfect sync. Yet this new offering is the opening of a brand-new chapter. Still furious and satanic yet those who will dare to listen to it in its entirety will discover new musical paths while remaining faithful to their roots. What you see is what you get with NECROWRETCH: Pure Satanic Death Metal! 1. Pure Hellfire
2. Luciferian Sovranty
3. The Ones From Hell
4. Absolute Evil
5. Codex Obscuritas
6. Darkness Supreme
7. Through The Black Abyss
8. Necrowretch

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