The Note

CD (Equal Vision)

Available from 01/05/2010

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To say that Bane has been a driving force in the hardcore scene for the last decade would be an understatement. The band is synonymous with classic, sincere hardcore and passionate live performances followers still talk about to this day. From the release of their EP Holding This Moment for Equal Vision in the late 90's Bane cemented their role in the development of the hardcore community. Bane would go onto release two more highly influential albums by the end of 2001, It All Comes Down To This and Give Blood. In true Bane form, they supported these releases with a myriad of US, European and Japanese tours which lasted for the next three years. In the interim, the hardcore / underground scene experienced something that was only a matter of time; mainstream attention. This gave rise to band after band of what would soon come to be thought of as insincere duplicates with ever lessening creative value. In short, the underground community had been co-opted by mainstream interests and was losing sight of what was important - the love of music and the community around them. Enter Bane's first studio album in three years - The Note. An unabashedly unapologetic 10 song wake-up call to everyone who has somehow lost their way and become disillusioned with the state of today's underground music scene.

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