The More Things Change...

CD (Roadrunner)

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After Machine Head's awe-inspiring debut Burn My Eyes, a lot of journalists speculated Machine Head would sell-out and take a softer route. This was Machine Head's two-fingers raised reply.
The More Things Chaange is an immensely heavy record, with low guitars and some seriously crushing riffs that go a step beyond those of Burn My Eyes. Ten Ton Hammer opens the album with the squeal of feedback and a build up that leads into one of those classic slow but extremely heavy riffs. Take My Scars follows with a fast, heavy and catchy riff leading into some spectacular spoken word lyrics over the verse.
Lyrically the album is very dark and more introverted than BME. The album does lack some of the intricacies of the debut, but the riff-heavy approach really works. That's not to say there aren't any articulate, original songs-Violate's scream to a sigh vocals and slow then fast strong structure create one of Machine Head's best songs.
Solo's are exemplary (special mention to Logan's fantastic and highly-original wah solo on Spine, and the spectacular dual solo of superb closer BLood of the Zodiac), and new drummer Dave McLain proves himself well, with particularly great double-kicking.
Overall a superb, often underrated album. If you like Machine Head or metal in general, buy this.

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