The Catalyst

CD (Nuclear Blast)

Available from 23/02/2024

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15 years into a career that has seen them become one of metal’s most ruthlessly individual and uplifting bands, selling out venues and tours across Europe and the US, AMARANTHE are about to make their most definitive and revealing move. Three years on from the widely acclaimed Manifest which hit top 20 charts internationally and has amassed over 130 million streams, Sweden’s masters of thunderous, melodic futurism are about to unveil The Catalyst.
12 songs deep and almost overburdened with lethal hooks and genre-blending ingenuity, The Catalyst is a snapshot of a band hitting a new level of collective power. From the electronic pulse and irresistible forward momentum of Re-Vision onwards, AMARANTHE have given their sound a fearless upgrade. They have incorporated yet more enthralling elements into their trademark sound; most notably, AMARANTHE have embraced the evocative might of orchestral grandeur for the first time, and it suits them perfectly.
1. The Catalyst
2. Insatiable
3. Damnation Flame
4. Liberated
5. Re-Vision
6. Interference
7. Stay a Little While
8. Ecstasy
9. Breaking the Waves
10. Outer Dimensions
11. Resistance
12. Find Life

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