The Bitter End Of Old


Available from 13/05/2022

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«The Bitter End of Old» is the 9th full length album by the Portuguese Black Metal Legends Corpus Christii. On this opus the band have seem to find a way to surpass all their previous records in production as well on musical approach by a clear mile. A combination of old school black metal tradition with new sought elements that create a blasphemous atmosphere filled with darkness and evil.
The guitars are mesmerizing, filled with heaviness and the right dose of melodies where the bass guitar underlines the heaviness and yet have a clear production together. The drums have their own pattern and stand out by delivering the right punch on the snare and kick, finalized by the exact same punch on the fill sound. And last but not least, the vocals are harsh, hateful and preach pure torment and blasphemy.
All in all this record is a beast! A supreme Black Metal creation that every fan of the old days will like to have in their collection.
1. Amargura
2. The Predominance
3. Unearthly Forgotten Memory
4. Fragmented Chaos Disharmony
5. From Here To Nothing
6. Behind the Shadow
7. To the End, to the Void
8. For I am All
9. Heinous

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