Terra Em Desapego

CD (Lifeforce)

Available from 04/08/2023

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“Terra Em Desapego” marks the second longplayer of the Portuguese for LIFEFORCE RECORDS.
On the 2019 album “Eterno Rancor”, a cover of the Bad Brains was found in the last place.
On the EPs released since then, the group from Lisbon has taken on tracks by Only Living Witness, Napalm Death and Devo. This fits conceivably well, because BESTA have proven to be a band that moves between death’n’grindcore, punk and hardcore.
The seven tracks of “Terra Em Desapego” are above all uncompromising and oppressive. BESTA appear direct and furious at all times, but do not miss out on variety.
More melody and atmosphere than on the new album have never been. The Portuguese surprise with playful, sometimes really catchy heavy songs that still sound familiar rough and pleasingly uncomfortable.
The more consciousness and metallic basis as well as the clearer production work fit in very well.
BESTA continue to sound impulsive and biting, but “Terra Em Desapego” opens up a different approach to the rigorous approach of the Lisbon band. All this does not change anything about the lyrics in the Portuguese mother tongue of the musicians - of course not.
Cover art was done by CVSPE (Arch Enemy, Uniform) and the album was produced by Miguel Tereso (Analepsy, Sinistro).

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