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Get ready for a wild death ‘n’ roll feast served by the Dutch legend Gorefest! A double CD featuring two amazing albums – “Soul Survivor” (1996) and “Chapter 13” (1998) – released by the band before their first breakup in 1998. One hour and a half of a crazy death ’n’ roll ride for all the unrelenting headbangers out there!
Gorefest was founded in 1989 by Jan-Chris De Koeyer (vocals, bass) and Frank Harthoorn (guitar). Their debut album “Mindloss” was released in 1991. After being joined by Ed Warby (drums) and Boudewijn Bonebakker (guitar), and subsequently signing to Nuclear Blast Records, the band released their second album “False” in 1992. It was this album that started winning the band their cult following. The following years brought the release of a live album “The Eindhoven Insanity”, recorded during the band’s performance at Dynamo festival, in 1994 as also, the same year, their next studio album “Erase”. 1996 marked the release of “Soul Survivor” – Gorefest’s last studio album before their parting ways with Nuclear Blast and subsequent signing to Steamhammer/SPV, which, in turn, released “Chapter 13” in 1998 (and 2000 in the US), after which the band decided to split. After six years of silence, as a result of their negotiations regarding the re-release of their back catalogue, Gorefest reunited under the banner of Nuclear Blast records to release their two final albums: “La Muerte” (2005) and “Rise to Ruin” (2007). In 2009, the band decided to call it quits once again.
CD 1 
1. Freedom
2. Forty Shades
3. River
4. Electric Poet
5. Soul Survivor
6. Blood Is Thick
7. Dog Day
8. Demon Seed
9. Chameleon
10. Dragon Man
11. Tired Moon
12. Goddess In Black
13. Soul Survivor (Demo)
14. Electric Poet (Demo)
15. River (Demo)
16. Frozen (Demo)
17. Chameleon – Instrumental (Demo)
18. Freedom – Instrumental (Demo)

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