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DEVIL IN ME create an original mix of sounds that seamlessly combine anthemic punk rock singalongs with neck breaking hardcore breakdowns, all brimming with a passion rarely achieved.
In 2012, third album "The End" was released through Rastilho Metal Records in Portugal, and worldwide through GSR Music. The album was produced by Andrew Neufeld of COMEBACK KID. "The End" was DEVIL IN ME’s most ambitious project ever. An hardcore conceptual record about the end of our times.
The first single from this album, the homonymous "The End", was a monster hit on YouTube, reaching more than 500.000 plays to date. The video features some of the biggest legends from the worldwide Hardcore movement, singing along this hardcore anthem. There you can find names such as Scott Vogel, Roger Miret, Vinnie Stigma, Freddy Cricien, Jimmy Gestapo, and a lot more you surely know.
2015, time to hit the road again and to release a new album entitled "Soul Rebel".
"Soul Rebel" is one of the most expected hardcore records in the european hardcore scene and with the band’s own words "it will bring back the crossover flavour from the 90

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