Silver Romance


Available from 02/05/2024

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An album title that fits perfectly in two respects: ‘Silver Romance’ is the name of the latest release by southern German melodic power metal act
Freedom Call. The moniker not only stands for the band’s 25th anniversary – referred to by singer/guitarist and band founder Chris Bay
tongue-in-cheek as “our silver wedding anniversary” – but also applies to the content of the recording: “Qualities such as clarity, freedom and
lightness are attributed to silver as a precious metal,” explains Bay, adding: “Silver is also said to strengthen your self-confidence and imagination.
These are all features that also suit Freedom Call and that we’ve incorporated into our new material, both musically and lyrically.” ‘Silver Romance’
will be available on CD, double LP, box set and for digital download on Steamhammer/SPV from 10 May 2024, and Bay and Co. are set to start their
2024 concert activities only a few days later. To ease the wait until then, four lead singles will be out ahead of the album release, starting from 21
February with the title track ‘Silver Romance’, including a making-of video, followed by ‘In Quest Of Love’ and ‘High Above’ on 20 March and 10 April,
both of them complete with lyric clips. Two days before the album’s arrival, 8 May 2024 will see ‘Supernova’, supported by a superb video, round off
the quartet of singles.

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