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'Shokka' is the 7th release from NASTY.
One week after the release date a headliner tour starts throughout Germany and Europe.
The first shown music video from the record 'shokka' reached 32.000 clicks within 24hours.
Album Stream in the Channel from BDHW Rec. on YouTube
Advertising in the FUZE Magazine in February/March. issue
Promotion through ''Gordeon Music Promotion'' Physsical and Digital to around 200 Contacts.
25.000 Flyer / 5.000 Poster / 10.000 Sticker spread through the BDHW Streetteam and the band themselves on tour.
Huge Social Media / Web2.0 campagne through BDHW Clo. & Rec.
Musicvideo Production 3 Musicvideos are done and will be released before the release date.
One week before the release date the stores will get full advertising.
HARDCORE for fans of Nasty, Suicide Silence, Hatebreed, Unearth, Bulldoze,...
1. Shokka 
2. No 
3. Phonix 
4. Lying When The Love Us 
5. The Heat 
6. Real Talk 
7. Skit 
8. Fantasia 
9. Rebel With A Cause
10. Skit 
11. Politessenhass 
12. Intelude 
13. Irreversible 
14. Fire 
15. Outro

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