Sexual Harassment

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Originally formed in Oslo, Norway, in 1989, Turbonegro returns in 2012 with a new album and excessive touring. Turbonegro today is one of Scandinavia s leading mainstream rock bands, and at the same time international punk rock legends! Based on a musical blend of hardcore punk, metal and classic rock, Turbonegro is approachable on many levels - as a masterclass in nonconformist punk-rock attitude; a veritable orgy of twisted humour; an exploration of dark, self-destructive philosophy; as formularized performance à la AC/DC/Ramones/Slayer; as ritualized sexual deviancy; and, of course, as ass-shakin,' motherfuckin' rock & roll, second to none. Some humourless idiots may get lost in the complexity of it all, but, to go with Sonic Youth rather than Baudrillard: Confusion is sex, honey!

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