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QUEERS, THE - SAVE THE WORLD 144413Format:1 CDRelease:12.03.2021Label:RAD GIRLFRIENDGenre:Hardcore/PunkKat.-Nr.:144413Barcode:0820560121072The Queers are back with 15 new & catchy songs that show why they're one of the greatest pop-punk bands in the world.
It's the bands real first new album since 2010, featuring some of their strongest material to date.
The Queers are back with a batch of 15 new and undeniably catchy songs that are spilling over with the qualities that made them one of the best pop-punk bands in the world.
Filled with catchy hooks, juvenile humor and flat out amazing pop songs, "Save The World" is easily their best record since the Lookout years and it is destined to be remembered as one of their classic albums.
Tunes like "Sh*t For Brains" and "Fanculo a Tutti" could've been right at home on "Love Songs For The Retarded" and prove that The Queers haven't lost their edge when it comes to writing a fast tune, while songs like "If I Had A Girl like You" and "Let The Rain Wash Away My Tears" show that they are still writing some of their strongest material to date.
This may be their first new album since 2010's "Back To The Basement" but The Queers haven't missed a beat.

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